Custom Unisex Golf Shirts

This is a sample printed Golf shirt


The Golf/Polo Shirt is by far the more stylish shirt that can be customised to meet your company designs and branding.

With our World Class Sublimation Printers, we can offer high-resolution colours and brand definition, which will enhance your company’s image and allow you to stand out from the rest. All our garment are manufacture using high-quality lightweight, breathable fabrics. Our garment styling is designed to fit your body with comfort.


AVAILABLE SIZES: (Unisex Adult Styling) 11 Years - 4XL
Measure Around Chest Just Under The Arm.

SX (11-12yrs)
S (13-14yrs)
Full Chest cm


  • Custom designs – we can design a unique to enhance your brand or you can supply the artwork yourself
  • High-resolution printing – colours will never fade or crack
  • Top-quality fabrics – comfortable, lightweight, breathable and durable
  • 100% polyester – easy to wash, does not require ironing, does not crease
  • Styles and cuts – see below

Styles & Cuts


The Body, font and back can be fully printed with your unique designs and branding. We can also print panels as opposed to inserting separate panels into the garment which will reduce your costing. Sublimation printing allows us to print millions of colours and designs. The print will never washout and is soft to the touch.


Fabric Collars are collars which are made using the same fabric as the rest of the garment. This advantage with this type of collar is it can be printed in any colour, design and can be branded. The style, designs and colours can easily be matched to suit the rest of the garment. These collars are comfortable and will not fade after washing.

Woven/knitted Collars are collars which are knitted at knitting mills and come in a vast range of colours and design. They cannot be printed on however we can embroider a small logo onto the edge of the collar. It must be noted that if you have a custom design on the body of your golf shirt it may be extremely difficult to match the colours on a knitted collar.

Standup Collar, not to be confused with the Chinese/Mandarin collars, the standup collar is a normal collar but has a piece stitched in between the top of the garment and the collar, similar to that which one would find a formal shirt. This style of collar is popular among the outdoor sports i.e. fisherman, cricketers, etc.

Chinese collar, (Mandarin collar, Standing collar, Band collar or Choker collar) is a short unfolded stand-up collar style on a shirt or jacket. This style of collar is finished off with a 12 cm zip and is very popular among the fishing community and other outdoor sports, as it forms a barrier to protect the neck for sunburn. The collar is manufactured from the same fabric as the garment. I can also be branded and customised to suit your needs.

PLACKETS/BUTTON STAND – The term placket/button stand often refers to the double layers of fabric that hold the buttons and buttonholes in a shirt. Button stands can be customized in colours that suit your design. The button stand has 3 buttons which are colour codes to suit your designs.


Raglan sleeve – is a sleeve that extends in one piece up to the collar, leaving a diagonal seam from underarm to collarbone. The raglan sleeve is ideal when you have several logos which you want to extend onto the sleeves. We also suggest using the raglan sleeves when taking the shirt’s body design across onto the sleeves. Raglan sleeves are available in long sleeves or short sleeves.

Straight cut sleeves – this style of sleeve runs from the top of the shoulder down. Straight cut sleeves have limited banding space. Depending on your garment design this style of sleeve is used when your garments are fully printed on the back and front and the sleeves will be in a different colour or design. Straight cut sleeves are available in long sleeves or short sleeves.

  • Availability: Pre-Order
  • Model: CD-001

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